Licensing System

Say5 licensing system is very simple. There is only one type of license, per server per day. There is no limit on number of domains or accounts. License will be calculated based on number of active servers you have each day. An automated processor checks your vendor account every day, It deducts the amount of owning for that day from your balance.

If your balance reached near zero you will be informed by email to add more funds. Then you have 10 days to add funds or all license will be suspended.

All licenses include lifetime support, latest updates and upgrades.


As a general rule, more license you buy less money you pay. There is no restriction on number of license you may buy or who is the real user of licensed server or even if you resell the license to have more active licenses. Here is the price chart:

Number of active licenses Price per month (30 days) Price per day
Less than 10 $49.00 $1.6333
10 to 99 $39.00 $1.3000
100 to 499 $29.00 $0.9667
500 to 999 $19.00 $0.6333
1000 and up $9.00 $0.3000

Here is an example. Assume a vendor added $200 to his account and bought 5 licenses, In 24 hours $8.1665 will be deducted from his balance and make it $191.8335, In 48 hours balance will be $183.6670 and so on. After 24 days his balance will be $4.0040, At this point he will be informed by email to add more funds. If he did process will continue. Otherwise a countdown will be started. After 10 days of not having enough money in account all 5 licenses will be suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I resell licenses?
A. Yes, You may order licenses in your vendor account on behalf of someone else. However it will be licensed under your name,

Q. What will happen when all licenses suspended?
A. Licenses will be suspended after 10 days of not getting charged. Suspended licenses will be removed from system after 30 days.

Q. Can I cancel a license before end of month?
A. Yes, You may cancel license at any time. License usage will be calculated daily. So it's not important when you cancel the license.

Q. How many domains can I host on a licensed server?
A. There is no limit on number of accounts or domains. Host responsibly, Do not overload your server.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for upgrade?
A. No, All active licenses will receive all updates and upgrades for free.

Licenses can be ordered at  vendors area.
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