What is Say5?

Say5 Web Hosting Control System is a powerful server management and hosting control solution. It can manage a web hosting server for almost all required tasks in 3 levels:

  1. Admin Control Panel (aka hman)
    Access to this control panel restricted to root and has full access to all aspects of server.
  2. Reseller Control Panel (aka rsl)
    This panel allows resellers to create accounts based on privileges granted from root. Reseller account itself must be opened by root.
  3. Say5 Control Panel (aka say5)
    This is the end user control panel. Clients with hosting account will use this panel to manage all their services.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use for Administrator, Resellers and Clients. Very flat design yet providing advance tools needed for today web development.
  • Fast, All components are RPM based, No compile would be necessary at the server.
  • Supports both PHP4 and PHP5 in a highly secured environment under user account. Upgrading to latest version of PHP will take less than a minute to download RPM and install it.
  • Fully automated updates. All licenses include unlimited updates and upgrades on all say5 components.
  • Secure, Firewall, Attack Protector, Code injection protector and lots of other security tools all available on Say5 servers.
  • Price, A very low monthly fee can give you everything you need to have a secure and client friendly server.
  • Lots more, Click here to see a complete list of features.

Current Version

Say5 1.1.1984 (7-Feb-2023)
Say5 Components 1.1.1574
Say5 Core 1.1.5534
Say5 Scripts 1.1.1332

Supported Platforms

Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (i386)
CentOS 4.x (i386)
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 (i386)
CentOS 5.x (i386)

64 bit OS and more coming soon
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