Say5 Features

HMAN (Say5 Host Manager)

  • Manage Accounts
    Client accounts including root and reseller created accounts can be managed in HMAN, That includes:
    • Create new account
    • Terminate account
    • Suspend/Unsuspend account
    • Change IP address of account
    • Upgrade/Downgrade to pre-created plans
    • Set a new password for client
    • Bridge to Say5 Control Panel of client
    All functions except bridge can be applied to one or group of accounts.
  • Manage Reseller Accounts
    Reseller accounts can be managed in HMAN, Functions include:
    • Create new reseller account based on pre-defined plan or direct
    • Terminate reseller account with all created users with optional transfer of all accounts to another reseller or root.
    • IP Assignment, allow administrator to assign IP addresses to a specific reseller.
  • Hosting and Reseller Plans
    Plans can be created for hosting accounts and reseller accounts.
  • Server Configuration
    That includes all aspect of server customization and configuration including:
    • Name Servers for accounts created by root or resellers
    • Server Time Zone
    • Network Configuration, Main IP address, Gateway, Host Name etc
    • Hard Drive Format Utility
    • Common Say5 options
    • Configuration of system Quota.
  • Flexible Quota System
    Say5 supports Soft and Hard quota. For instance you may assign 100MB of disk space to a client (Soft Quota) with a margin of 60MB (Hard Quota), Client can use 100MB disk space and if quota reached a count down will begin until disk usage get back to less than 100MB. Amount of over quota margin and days of allowed to be in Hard quota (Grace Period) are configurable.
  • Local and Remote DNS server
    Say5 supports both local and remote DNS servers. That means DNS server can be either on same server as hosting services is or on a remote server farm (cluster).
  • Addon System Packages
    All system packages can be monitored for latest updates and can be configured to automatically update or upgrade or both.
  • PHP
    You may use PHP4 or PHP5 or both on same server. It can be configured to run as apache module, CGI, Fast-CGI or combination with configurable priority or PHP4 or PHP5. You are also allowed to let client choose what PHP is the default compiler.
    Say5 also provides a fantastic solution for running PHP scripts with permission of owner, that makes the scripts much more secure.
    PHP Extensions and Pear packages can be installed and configured with one click installer without recompiling in less than a minute.
  • Mail Server
    Say5 uses Exim for MTA and Dovecot for POP3/IMAP, All can be configured in HMAN. Outgoing mail supports:
    • SpamPro, A spam protection system based on SpamAssassin, Can be used locally or remotely.
    • Load Management, Based on system load and number of emails in queue.
    • POP before SMTP, Although not recommended to use.
    • If a message can not be delivered then we don't accept it. This will prevent bounce back spam issue. Configurable.
    • Directory attack and Mail bomb protection.
    Dovecot is the POP3/IMAP service provider, Clients can check their emails with almost all POP3/IMAP clients as well as webmail. Secure connection over IMAP and POP3 also supported.
  • Security
    • Firewall, Blocking incoming or outgoing traffic based on IP address and/or Port.
    • Rule based Brute Force Protection on SSH, FTP, SMTP AUTH, IMAP/POP3 and protected web pages.
    • Directory Watch, Checks all sensitive directories (usually public folders like /tmp) for Trojans, Viruses, Backdoors, etc. Configurable to jail the file/folder for later review or delete. In all cases administrator will receive an alert.
    • Server Overload Protection. If an attack or bad script makes a server inaccessible, it will shutdown some of services to prevent it. Then bring them up and inform the administrator.
    • Directory Cleanup. Usually public folders like /tmp get flooded by sessions, temporary upload files etc. This will clean them up (configurable).
  • Addon Scripts Installer
    This will allow clients to one click install common scripts. Vendors and their scripts are all configurable in HMAN.
  • Reports and Statistics
    List of all clients, Bandwidth usage, Disk space usage and tons of other reports all included in HMAN.
  • Backup
    Administrator can configure system level and client level backup to be made locally (i.e. on a second hard drive) or remotely on a FTP server.

RSL (Reseller Control Panel)

  • Manage Accounts
    Just like HMAN, but can only access reseller's own accounts.
  • Skeleton Directory
    This will copy contents of a specific folder into web folder of all newly created accounts.

SAY5 (Client Control Panel)


Server Highlight

  • Apache 2 Web Server
  • Dual PHP Installation
  • RPM Packages, No compile necessary
  • Support Soft and Hard quota

HMan Key Features

  • Complete server management
  • Package management
  • It's own web server with SSL support

HMan Screen Shots

Reseller Features

  • Skeleton Directory
  • Branding under your own name
  • Your own hosting plans, name servers, etc.

RSL Screen Shots








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